feature req - tear off menu pin to desktop
Started by szekelya

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03-11-2010, 05:51 AM -
Hi Yuri,

When playing with tear off menus, I started to miss the similar and great behavior from the blackbox shell replacement, that might be a minor addition to TLB.
Let me describe how it works there and ask if that can be implemented in later releases or if you intend to deal with it:

As far as I understand, in TLB a tear off menu either has the Auto-close menu flag set or not. It can be changed in the context menu, but what you set will be in effect until you change it again.
  • In BlackBox each menu is an "auto-close" tear off menu, until you pin it to the desktop.
  • You can pin it to the desktop either:
    • by moving it by means of dragging its caption (dragging tear off menu by its caption does work with TLB, but won't pin it to the desktop)
    • or by right-clicking the caption,
    • or by pressing Insert while the mouse is over the menu. This is also important, because people might hide the caption.
    • A menu that is pinned to the desktop can be hidden from the desktop:
      • by right-clicking the caption again,
      • or by pressing Insert again with the mouse over the menu.
      • None of these actions change the default behavior of any menus, they remain auto-close menus until these steps are done with them.[/list:u]

        Of course the same pinning/hiding can be done with any of the submenus on any level without having an effect on the behavior of the upper or lower level of menus. So I can open my 3rd level menu like
        • Folders
          • Music
            • Pink Floyd[/list:u][/list:u][/list:u] pin it to the desktop, and Folders and Music menus will get hidden, Pink Floyd menu will stay.

              Is it something that could be done in TLB?

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Yuri Kobets
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03-12-2010, 04:42 PM -
With you can make menu tear off by 3 ways:
1) Drag the menu caption
2) Press CTRL+T
3) Press the button on the caption (you must to enable buttons on the caption)

I guess this is almost the same, isn't? Maybe I need to add the auto-close button on the caption, only.

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