Menus too confusing
Started by V-Man

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03-29-2004, 06:33 AM -
Great program, but I find that the menus are too confusing when you enable the standard context menus. I get confused between operating on the shortcuts and operating on the real object.

Currently, Explorer menu items appear at the top of the context menu, and TLB menu items underneath. I would like there to be an option so that Explorer menu items appear instead in a sub-menu. This is similar to Microsoft's 'Target Menu' Win 95 powertoy that still works on newer Windows (this powertoy adds a 'Target >' item to the context menu of shortcut files, that leads to a sub-menu that is the same as the context menu for the linked-to file).

If not a sub-menu, then a single two-column approach would be good too - TLB functions like 'Rename Shortcut' and 'Remove Shortcut' on the left side, and the real-object operations like Cut/Copy/Paste and Properties on the right.

It's just too confusing when you mix virtual folders and normal shortcut menus to remember which is which.
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03-29-2004, 08:05 AM -
Have you seen the TLB context menu options (right click on TLB -> TLB Settings... -> Context Menu on left-hand pane)?

In the future, it might save some time to first check out the TLB FAQ, then do a search in the forums. This TLB feature was implemented as a direct result of a suggestion like this made some time ago in the forums.
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03-30-2004, 12:03 AM -
Thank you shapeshifter, and sorry for the newbie post (registered TLB only last week). I promise I did check out the FAQ without joy, though admittedly didn't search the forum.

I looked at the TLB Settings dialog but just didn't think to examine the combo boxes. I saw the 'Show icons in menu' checkbox and just expected the option to be there if it existed. However I've found it now and appreciate the added flexibility.

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