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03-05-2003, 09:50 PM -
I have a "settings" menu where I have administrative tools, configurations tools and other tools that can be DANGEROUS to let other users use. It would be nice if protection would work with menus as they work with items, so instead of needing to add it to every single icon I could just add it to menu for it's popup or if it could add the PROTECT feature to all items in this folder / menu.
If we think more to the future them maby encryption for TLB folders would be nice so shortcuts could only run from within TLB, cause I have many programs "hidden" on my computers so users can't see them but they are still there, If users can see where my shortcuts point then they also know where they are located. But then ofcourse there is something in WinXP called Fast user switch and multi users but people like me don't use NTFS because it's not good for multi-boot, then the shortcuts are unprotected as I'm using Fat32 and can't use my encryption software on them 'cause then ofcourse TLB wouldn't read them. Intergration of TLB and Encryption is something that would be nice to have but as you do not have so big team ( Still very good team , Smile )then it must come later when TLB grows into something even bigger than it is today.

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03-07-2003, 06:35 AM -
Even if you have shortcuts to the admin tools, wouldn't the users need admin privileges to start them up? This is not dependant on NTFS: if you have the other users set to non-admin accounts they simply can't access certain stuff...

Otherwise they could simply create the shortcut themselves and start the applications that way, so disabling access to the shortcuts simply wouldn't be enough...

And another thing: other non-admin users can't access the "Documents and Settings" of other users, so if you place your shortcuts there they'll also be safe..

If the other users are Administrators, then you've got a problem anyways Smile

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03-07-2003, 07:28 PM -
Documents and settings are only protected with NTFS. and I'm talkin about 3d party system tools, and I'm talking about making TLB better for limited access for some users. That's For example allowing someone only to play selected games on my PC and such things. (disable-ing all command promts and such so the user could only use TLB to launch selected programs)
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03-09-2003, 09:15 AM -
Dude! What about a giant metal resizable panel that goes over it unless you put in a password! That'd be cool because it'd make your toolbar look like some government project!
Alright... maybe not too cool...

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