Calculator v.1.0 - has been released
Started by Yuri Kobets

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08-06-2003, 11:56 AM -
Dracula Wrote:Type some number (eg. 100) and hit the 'MS' button to store it into memory. Then hit 'MR' to recall the number from memory. In the display appears the value -100 (and if you'd entered a negative number, it would show a positive result)...
I've been fiddling with this. I interpretted this as a bug initially also, but it may be a feature...

If you read "MS" as "Memory Subtract" (instead of Memory Store), then there is "M+" for "Memory Add". The other two are MR/MC for Memory Recall and Memory Clear respectively.

Read this way, the buttons work as you'd expect. Not sure why "MS" isn't "M-".

So, press "M+" to add the displayed value to what's in memory (or store a new value). "MS" to subtract the displayed value from what's in memory.

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08-06-2003, 03:30 PM -
Indeed, you're right! The MS button simply substracts the current value from the value in memory... At least that's clear... But I wouldn't call it a feature, just an oddity Wink

Anyway, the MS button really should 'store' the value into memory, overwriting its current contents. Substracting a value can be done by pushing the +/- button (how do you call that button in English?) and then adding it to memory by pushing M+.... I think this is really the standard for any calculator...

Hmm, but on the other hand, I won't be using this plugin anyway, there's already a shortcut to calc.exe on my TLB :p
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08-17-2003, 02:08 AM -
how about the same size of AQUA skin but only with no skin at all, all those pngs are slow to load.
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08-19-2003, 07:44 AM -
I've found another bug. Adding dollar ammounts seems to confuse the plugin. For instance, 50.00 + 11.60 returns 61.599998, not 61.6 as other calculators would. However, I would prefer to have the calculator plugin give answers using the same number of decimal places given from the arguments. I.e. in this case, return 61.60, because both arguments were given with 2 decimal places.
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08-21-2003, 12:06 AM -
Bender Wrote:by the way ...

which windows skin is that in the screenshot of calculator?

And i definately vote for keyboard support for this plugin. Smile
It's Rhodium Edge v1 from Arhra.
Some times ago you was able to get it from but it's not working now (some kind of maintenance/redesign I think Smile

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